About us

Welcome to AdoraWood!

We are a husband (Shaun) and wife (Breanne) team who create things with wood. We have two teenage daughters and a one car garage. Our daughters keep us busy and our small garage keeps us creative (always looking for extra space :) We live in Grimsby, Ontario.

We started out creating things for our home... we love making things! What was once a hobby turned into a small business. Like with everything you have to start somewhere. We started purchasing more tools and started creating more designs. Our next step was to start sharing our products with everyone. First step was to start out with a Facebook group and see what happens. People really liked our stuff!  We then created a Facebook page. The page took off and helped us keep things a lot more organized. We feel like our next step should be a website, so...HERE WE ARE!!! 

Our goal with this business is to deliver adorable wooden creations to our customers...(AdoraWood :)) We take a lot of pride in our work and try our hardest to make the perfect creation for you. We want each and everyone one of you to love your piece... that's what makes what we do worth it. 

We hope you will all join us in our new journey and we look forward to working with you.

Shaun & Breanne Latinski

Our Products